Planting a seed

Cut Flower growing workshops 2022

Seed to vase course 2023

Six sessions take place monthly from 10am to 1 pm on Tuesdays or Sundays from early Feb to July (dates to be confirmed). I’ve just six places available on each day, and they’re sure to go fast, so get in touch today to book your place.

Would you like to experience the pleasure of growing flowers but don’t know where to start? Or perhaps you’re searching for a Christmas gift that will keep on giving?

Running from late February to July 2023, my seed to vase course gives you the chance to follow me on my journey as a professional cut flower grower.

In a friendly, supportive environment, you’ll learn all the skills you need to sow, nurture and grow a patch of beautiful flowers in your own garden – and enjoy the rewards with your own stunning blooms to enjoy from early summer to late autumn.

You’ll learn to…

Each month we’ll celebrate our successes (and share our disappointments), enjoy plenty of tea and cake, and make new friends. At the end of every session you’ll take a little something home with you – whether it’s a tray of seeds or a recently potted dahlia.

The course runs over six sessions and your investment for a garden full of flowers this year and in years to come is £365

"I can’t recommend the seed to vase course enough. When I rocked up in Feb I had absolutely no clue, never owned a pack of seeds, I couldn’t name a perennial from an annual or identify a nigella from a cosmos. But in just a few months I have transformed my garden. Fiona is really patient, knowledgeable and supportive and we had a great group who were all so encouraging. It was great to share ideas and inspiration from Fiona’s  garden each time and progress photos from the group. It’s given me a huge confidence boost to just give things ago and I’ve branched out and given propagation and veg growing a go too. I can’t thank Fiona and our little group enough." (JB)


Seasonal Cut flower growing days

A morning is never enough!  Enjoy a productive day learning all there is to know and do at each crucial point of the growing season.  Each day will include a tour of the garden and discussion about what has to be done and when to get it to each stage.  There will be plenty of opportunities to get your hands dirty and learn by doing. There will be freebie takeaways at each session whether it be seeds, seedlings,  cuttings, bulbs or plants (giveaways will depend on the season) and a bit of essential equipment. There will be breaks for refreshments and a light lunch on site (included in price). Places are limited to 5 per session.  

Monday 13th June 10 - 4pm (£150) - Focus on Biennials (SOLD OUT)

This is one of the most important jobs of the gardening year. Without biennials, your garden will feel half empty at the beginning of the 2023 season.  Mid June is a great time to start the ball rolling for 2023.  You'll be provided with some seeds and some basic equipment to get yourself going.

Tuesday 16th August 10 - 4pm (£150) - Focus on Hardy Annuals

Time to sow some (not all) hardy annuals so that you have a good strong crop the following spring.  We'll also be planting out biennials sown in June (and you'll have some to take home with you) and learning how to be brave about clearing out plants that have really just had enough. Always a busy time of year but also a great time to take stock of the successes (and failures) and how we might do things better next year.

Sunday 2nd October 10 - 4pm (£150) - Focus on bulbs and corms

Autumn actually gets me looking forward to Spring, forget about that nasty bit in the middle called Winter.  Bulbs (narcissi, allium, tulips need to be planted), learn how to get anemone and ranunculus corms off to a good start, it's a bit early for digging up the dahlias but I can show you what I do and how I would store the few that I do dig up.   It's also a time for sowing sweet peas, splitting perennials planting out hardy annuals and taking hardwood cuttings. There may even be an opportunity to cut the last of the dahlias!


Cut flower growing or seed to vase course with attendees standing beside flower bed